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8 reasons to join The Elms spa

Sam Denning, Spa Manager, The Elms Hotel

Does it seem like a good idea, but you’ve never got round to it? Well, maybe now is the perfect time to act! Here’s a few serious and not so serious reasons to become a member of The Elms spa and discover a whole new you.

Swimming Pool | The Elms Spa

Reduce the guilt of Christmas excess

We can all empathise, having indulged in a little too much turkey, festive treats and wine over the last few weeks. A new year can prompt a fresh start for many – and the ideal time to embrace the idea of spa membership.

Feel better in yourself

Regular visits to the spa can help you in so many ways – both body and mind. Lift your mood this winter and proactively help to reduce your stress levels. You might even sleep better too. Invest in yourself and see how it can truly improve the quality of your life.

Meet new people

As a member of The Elms spa you’ll find that you meet all sorts of local people that you might not know. They’re like-minded too, wanting to achieve the same objectives as you. Enjoy their company as you spend time with your new friends at the spa.

Enjoy a unique blend of fabulous facilities

The Elms spa has so many points of difference to other local facilities. Not only does it offer you a warmed, indoor pool and hydro pool lit by plenty of natural sunlight, there’s a comprehensive thermal suite in addition to a well-equipped gym and of course a relaxation room and café. As a member, you can book discounted treatments too when you fancy – rewards for all the hard work you plan to do!

A beneficial lifestyle choice

The annual cost of smoking or drinking alcohol can cost more than annual spa membership – so why not opt for the healthy choice and enjoy the physical and mental benefits that this investment in yourself can deliver?

Spa Worcestershire | The Elms

There’s no rain or snow in the spa

Ideal for the winter months – joining the spa now means that you can avoid cold and wet outside exercise if you want. It’s always warm and sunny in our spa!

It’s attractive and secluded

Set amongst our country house gardens and tucked away behind the hotel, the spa is a lovely place to visit. It’s not too big, yet it’s not too small either and with a rural feel, you’ll quickly relax and want to visit more often.

Reach your preferred dress size

If there is no other motivation to tempt you, it might well be that knowing you’re more likely to reach that dress or trouser size will. We all want to look our best and this can be especially so in the summer months and on holiday. So, take action now to make this the year that you actually make a difference.

Have we tempted you to act? You can learn more about our spa membership packages here. Payment can be in monthly instalments too and there are plenty of additional benefits to consider, such as discounted food at The Elms. We hope to be welcoming you very soon.